Rusape farm invasions on the increase

Posted on January 13, 2010 | Category: Politics; Business, Sport

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Rusape(ZimEye) ZIMBABWE:Rusape farmers continue to be attacked by marauding gangs headed by a farm invader known by the name ‘Mkono’. As Mkono attacked a farm owned by a farmer Koos Smit yesterday, it is reported that  police merely watched as the invaders harrased the family and workers.

An eye witness who communicated with ZimEye as the invaders attacked said,

“They are still around .. the new owner Mkono wants his place and police did react to the situation, but as previously they only stayed out”

“Assistant Police Commissioner Shepard Gwasira is blocking all police action involving the latest farm invasions”, said the witness.

Meanwhile, ZimEye has been told that commercial farmers based in Manicaland’s Nyazura area are soon be to be evicted by president Mugabe’s ZANU PF party, without warning.

“I dont know what to say. Today we got news that all the farmers are to be evicted in Nyazura”, said a witness on Monday.

Farm invasions in Zimbabwe continue unabated despite there being a government of national unity in place that had promised to deal with the land issue in a productive manner.

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