Mugabe recruits whites into Zimbabwe’s notorious CIO branch

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Published: January 6, 2010


Mugabe recruits whites into Zimbabwe’s notorious CIO branch thumbnailLondon:   President Mugabe has recruited white officers into Zimbabwe’s central intelligence organisation, ZimEye has learnt. This revelation comes as a white Zimbabwean (pictured) was found mocking Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party in the Shona language on social networking website, Facebook. Speaking to ZimEye, two former civil servants who include former prison guard Shepherd Yuda revealed how white officers were seen in 2008 operating as security officers for Mugabe.


Special security for Mugabe

In March 2008, a number of white CIO operatives suddenly surfaced at Gwanzura stadium as we were preparing for Mugabe’s security at the Independence venue.

“We were leaving Dzivarasekwa  (State barracks) for Gwanzura stadium with the police band,”  Shepherd Yuda told ZimEye. He continued:

“While there, the CIOs always come to inspect the place and make special security checks; I saw white skinned CIOs enter the place and authoritatively commanding and instructing everyone in the place. They also inspected the parade.

Their work also stretched to the extent of inspecting the rehearsal team which comprised of 4 detachments which are the Zimbabwe presidential guard, Zimbabwe the airforce, Police, and the Prison service.

I was actually shocked to see white skinned CIOs”, Yuda said as he revealed that in the civil service, it was a very unsual thing, to see whites in the notorious CIO.

“The only CIOs I knew were the likes of Kevin Woods who ended up in prison after accusations of carrying out bombings of ANC offices Bulawayo and Harare.”

No-one may ever know.

When asked by our reporter possibly when these officers were recruited, Yuda replied that no-one may ever know when these men were taken into Mugabe’s security-fold.

“What shocked me was that this happened before elections. How did these CIOs know that Mugabe was going to win the elections?.We were doing the independence parade, preparing for Zimbabwe’s Independence elections on to be held 18 April. But this happened in March, days before the 29 March elections. How did they know that Mugabe ‘would’ win and be part of the celebrations the following month?” he said.

Recently, Conor Walsh, a white Zimbabwean reportedly based in the United Kingdom mocked the MDC on social networking website, Facebook.

Ah hameno…….

“This is the first time that MDC-T has openly admitted that the party’s
foreign legion was made up of rogue and corrupt elements, most of whom
were believed to have left the country to avoid prosecution for various

The corrupt MDC lot inside Zimbabwe are attacking their corrupt family in the diaspora. Ah hameno,” he scoffed.

Conor then began to call Shepherd Yuda an illiterate person allegedly because of his support of Morgan Tsvangirai.

However, a few moments later, Conor would quickly send a message apologising to Yuda. Shepherd Yuda has now warned Zimbabweans to be careful of who they communicate with on Facebook. As at the time of writing, Conor had not responded to questions raised before him.

Although president Mugabe’s central intelligence department is reported to have been disbanded after the formation of a government of national by the country’s main three parties, it is believed that their structures have remained untouched to this day

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