Zimbabwe – Eye for an Eye

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It is a work of historical and speculative fiction written by respected journalist, Spencer Ratcliff, who lived in what was then Rhodesia during the three worst years of the war. The book begins with the kidnapping of the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe at his 89th birthday celebrations on his Iron Mask Estate in February 2013. It then flashes back to 1975, taking the reader on a journey that reveals the thoughts, fears and aspirations of a colourful cast.

The novel – a mammoth 150,000 words – is packed with action, drama, love and tragedy. Ratcliff worked for The Rhodesia Herald and the Sunday Mail newspapers and also freelanced for various other publications, reporting on many of the atrocities and tragedies depicted in the narrative. He has also worked in radio and television and has won several awards for journalism and magazine publishing in a career that has involved lecturing on journalism, public speaking, broadcasting, marketing and promotion.


Spencer has lived near Sydney in Australia for the past 30 years. ‘Zimbabwe ~ Eye for an Eye’ is published on Amazon as an eBook. This is his fourth book.

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