Tsvangirai celebrates press freedom

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The commemorations in Zimbabwe will be celebrated under two themes and will be held in the high density of Kuwadzana in Harare.

Media Freedom Now or Never – 20 Years in Defence of Media Freedom and the global theme: New Voices: Media Freedom Helping to Transform Societies.

The day comes against a backdrop of a bleak media terrain characterised by a battery of repressive legislation, slow pace in the implementation of media reforms and a shackled public media that has failed to reflect the inclusive nature of the new Inclusive Government.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai will interact and give a short statement at the Press freedom day event.

Since the inception of the inclusive Government in 2009, PM Tsvangirai has been at the forefront of demanding the implementation of Article 19 of the GPA which calls for the liberalisation of the electronic media and the cessation of hate speech in the public media.

The Zanu PF-controlled Ministry of Media, Information and Publicity has steadfastly refused to institute media reforms as instructed by Cabinet and the Principals to the GPA. In 2009, Cabinet and the Principals instructed Information Minister Webster Shamu to reconstitute the boards of Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe broadcasting Corporation and to set up   the now defunct Mass Media Trust.

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