Zimbabwe: Delta financing small scale casava production

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Delta Corporation has undertaken the financing of small scale farm operations in a bid to transform cassava production in Zimbabwe.

Cassava production in the country is currently low scale, but as one of Africa’s key food security crops there is considered to be much potential in its cultivation.

The crop requires little or no fertilisation and yet will maintain a steady production trend over a fairly long period of time in a continuous farming system.

Addressing guests at the launch of the Agro Initiative Zimbabwe 2012, Delta’s supply chain executive director, Daud Taranhike, said the cassava project would benefit small scale farmers.

“We are particularly excited about this development as this will benefit the rural small scale farmers in all regions. The potential benefits of this initiative to both the farmers and industrialists are immense,” Taranhike said.

“Delta’s participation in agro related business spans over three decades when we pioneered contract farming schemes for the production of cereal raw materials for our brewing business. This scheme has grown   over the years to benefit over 200 commercial and small scale farmers,” Taranhike said.

Over 4,500 small scale farms are under Delta’s outgrowing scheme, which has more often focused on the productio of cereal crops.

Source: www.financialgazette.co.zw

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