Bogus CIO arrested

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bogus Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) officer was
sentenced to 245
hours of community service after he was found guilty of


Magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi had sentenced Brian Mukiwa, 23, to 15 months
behind bars but suspended four months on condition of good

Another four were also suspended on condition that he restitute
$1 305 to
the victims before March 30 while the remaining months were commuted to 245
hours of community service at Vainona Primary

Mukiwa who had initially pleaded not guilty to the offence
changed his plea
after a witness gave testimony which implicated him to the

It is the state’s case that on September 23 last year, Mukiwa met
Maripfonde a lecturer at Harare Polytechnic College in a kombi and
lied to
him that he was employed in the President’s office as an

Mukiwa later volunteered to help the latter get a passport. On September 26,
the two men met in Harare gardens where Mukiwa
was given $205 by Maripfonde
together with the relevant

After their transaction, Maripfonde informed his friends
about Mukiwa’s
exploits in organising passports.

But when
Maripfonde’s friends called him to arrange how they could get
assisted, he
allegedly professed ignorance of the stated transaction.

When Maripfonde
called him to introduce him to his friends, he denied ever

Using the same modus operandi Mukiwa defrauded Tavonga Madamobe of
meant for her passport.

In another count, Mukiwa claimed that he
could buy Mary-Anne Macheza a car
on auction at Beitbridge border

He told the Harare Polytechnic college student that his job allowed
him to
cut corners and get things a lot easier.

Macheza deposited
$775 into Mukiwa’s Standard Chartered Bank account and
after that his mobile
phone was no longer available, resulting in the
student making a police

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