Top diplomat in messy divorce fight

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ZIMBABWE’S  former top diplomat to the United Nations, Boniface  Chidyausiku has been  dragged to the courts by his wife, Evelyn who is  seeking divorce accusing him  of adultery and “violent abuse”.

Chidyausiku, 61, was the country’s ambassador and permanent   representative to the United Nations in New    York between 2003 and  2010 when he was recalled by  President Robert Mugabe.

Evelyn, who is still based in New York where she is said to be an   assistant tourism officer accuses her husband of causing the breakdown  of their  27-year marriage by engaging in adultery and abusive  behaviour.

She wants the courts to force Chidyausiku to pay her $5000  per month as personal maintenance.

Evelyn has also demanded a share of the matrimonial estate  which she  claims includes eight residential houses in Harare and Gweru, three  vehicles and several  trucks, a farm, farm equipment, a herd of over 100  cattle, household goods and  shares in some companies.

“The marriage between the plaintiff (Evelyn) and first  defendant  (Boniface) has irretrievably broken down to the extent where it is no   longer possible for the parties to live together as husband and wife,”  papers  filed at the High Court in Harare  read.

Evelyn claims Chaidyausiku has engaged in numerous  adulterous  activities and is currently living with one of his girlfriends,   identified as Gracia Zawi.

She has also demanded $35000 from Zawi as compensation for  adultery damages and loss of affection.

“Second defendant (Zawi) has stolen first defendant’s  love and  affection for plaintiff and she has also dissipated and squandered   family assets in a most hurtful manner,” the court papers read.

The couple has three children who are said to be still in  college.

Chidyausiku – a war veteran and former Lieutenant Colonel in  the  army — is now based at the foreign affairs ministry’s Harare head  office.

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