Angolan KP Coordinator Optimistic on Eventual Zimbabwe Compliance

Posted on November 3, 2010 | Category: Politics; Business, Sport

The situation in Zimbabwe is not simple and needs to be analyzed well, but the government will most likely come into line with Kimberley Process policy, Laurence Baptista, the KP Coordinator at Angola’s Ministry of Geology and Mines, told the Israel Diamond Institute at the KP plenary meeting in Jerusalem.
“[Zimbabwe] needs time, but I believe that step by step it will complete the
process,” Baptista said.
Angola has rich diamond resources, most of which are alluvial deposits, although three kimberlite diamond mines are also in operation. Zimbabwe sent a delegation to Angola to study mining, and Angola has also sent mining missions to Zimbabwe.
Annual rough diamond production stands at some 9 million carats per year, and prices have bounced back after plunging some 60% when the global financial crisis hit.
Angolan diamonds are sold through Ascorp, the Angola Selling Corporation, which partners with the Sodiama Corporation. “Sodiama has office all over the world, including in Tel Aviv,” Baptista pointed out.
According to Baptista, Angola follows all Kimberley Process policies. “That’s why we’re here… We came together to achieve the KP targets,” he said.
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